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Rainbow International Restoration in Dayville, Oregon

Welcome to Rainbow International Restoration. It’s our greatest honor to be able to help you with the unfortunate event that has damaged your home or business. We act as your advocate through the entire process, we simply aim to help you restore your property and get you back to life as you know it through our professional Rainbow International Restoration and restoration services. Sit back and relax. We’ve got this!

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Restoration Services for Flood, Fire, Smoke, and More

We're here to work through the restoration process with you! We not only perform the necessary cleanup and removal of debris and water, but we also provide the assistance that moves you past your recent event. Helping you with insurance claims, handling delays, following up to prevent secondary problems and utilizing our vast network of industry connections, we work to alleviate the stress and personal confusion that is inherent after any "loss event".

Why Choose Rainbow International Restoration?

Water Damage Services

The longer your home, business, possessions or assets sit in water, the less likely your items will be saved and the damage and cost of repair will go up exponentially.

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A large-scale mold infestation can destroy your home and health. Let us quickly and efficiently clean up your property.

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Fire Damage Services

Unlike other structural disasters, fire restoration and smoke damage repair includes dealing with a variety of damaging elements: flames, smoke, soot, ashes.

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Board Up and Tarp Over Services

No matter if windows are broken by storms, accidents or acts of vandalism, homeowners and businesses are all in the same situation: They need fast, temporary protection from the elements until the windows can be replaced.

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Our unique process was designed with the customer in mind

Professional Team, Technology, and Processes

We'll dispatch a team of disaster experts to you within 3 minutes and advise you of what can be done to minimize the damage. The team will use cutting-edge technology and IICRC approved methods to restore as much of your property as possible.

Insurance Advocacy

We’ll work directly with you and your insurance company to process claims and return your home to normal as quickly as possible.

Satisfaction Assurance

Rainbow International Restoration stands behind all work we complete. You will continue to have the same assurances that you have come to expect from a company that believes all our customers come first.

What You Get with Rainbow International Restoration

Fast Turn-around Time

Same day service and the fastest turnaround time.

Experienced Technicians

Experienced, trained, and certified. Our technicians genuinely care about our customers and have the highest attention to detail.

State of the Art Equipment

State of the art, Specific to repairing this kind of damage, Technicians are extensively trained on each, Inspection tools ensure completion and help us locate hidden areas of interest.

Tested Processes

Tested and optimized through over 20 years of family involvement in the restoration industry. Our process finds hidden damage and damage-causing elements, and helps you create documentation for the insurance company.

Network of Specialists

Ready to help in their areas of expertise, we can introduce you to our partners in insurance claim assistance.